Eight rules of healthy diet from my mother

All plan in advance and do not forget about dessert! Naomi Naomi nutritionist talks about the rules of the nutrition that she taught her. Her own mother.

Naomi Cahill (Naomi Cahill) – nutritionist and epidemiologist.

Behind me – more than ten years of training of dietetics and nutrition culture in higher educational institutions. I thought I knew about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle all. But now I have two children, and every day I understand more and more that love for healthy food and the ability to cook useful dishes for the whole family were not taught to me at the university, but my mother. Here are just a few lessons that I have learned thanks to her.

1. Plan in advance

My mother masterfully coped with a family of six people – everyone was full and satisfied, and no one thought about chips. Her secret was that she was a menu for a week. We had traditional dinners – hot on Sundays, pork on Tuesdays and so on. Every Saturday, my mother thoughtfully compiled a shopping list, and then went to the store, rarely buying something except the planned. She spent the whole Sunday at the stove, prepared dinners, making blanks for a week, freezing and baking. She always made sure that there were fresh carrot sticks in the kitchen, in case one of us wants to crunch with something tasty. And every evening she gathered for our dinner at school the next day – in order not to do this in a hurry in the early morning.

2. Buy local products

We lived in a small city, so my mother bought all the products from local farmers in the market. She also went to farms especially for products: a bag of potatoes, a couple of dozen eggs, fresh milk. She knew where the van stops with the latest vegetables and fruits and who sells the best fish. What she could not buy from local merchants, she bought in a supermarket. But I remember how she went to the pet store … for the brans! It turned out that it was there that cut off for baking of the most excellent quality.

3. Do not be afraid to stain your hands

The land on our site was not too fertile. But my mother had small bushes of peas, a couple of strawberry beds and neat flower beds with herbs like parsley, basilica and oregano.

4. Prepare at home more often

I learned about the existence of frozen semi -finished products and potatoes of FRI only when I moved from my parental house to my own apartment. More precisely, Free potato was at home. But mom took potatoes for her, then cleaned, cut into strips and lowered it into boiling fresh oil.

Mom always said that she was not a “Michelin” cook, but I saw how she was standing in the kitchen for

hours and cooks food from the latest ingredients. Every Saturday, the house was filled with the smell of vanilla, and hot muffins, cookies and pies appeared on the table alternately. For tea, she always baked a cake and a fruit roll. This continued until each horizontal surface in the kitchen was strewn with flour and was laid down with fresh pastries.

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